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Midweek Snippets

Wednesday is the day that drags on the most for me during the week. And today's been no different. Man, time seems like it's dragging by but I've also been, "wait, it's already (time)?!" a couple times. Waddyagonnado? I know what I'm gonna do. Nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories is what I'm gonna do. Today on the platter we have:

D'icy Monsters Cocktail Dice Up On Kickstarter

In celebration of the forthcoming Elder Dice Wax Seal Kit AND Elder Dice: Shards of Illumination releases on October 4th @ 9am CST, we're giving away a set of Wax Seal Stamps to one lucky winner!

Infinity Black Elder Dice Wax Seal Giveaway Happening Now

Hand-polished, Sharp-edged D20s Available From Kraken Dice

We have all been there, looking down at that small little thing, comparing yours with the other players at the table. Thinking to yourself if only my d20 was just an inch or two bigger, the pain and pleasure I could cause with every roll. For a small price, Kraken Dice can make you feel empowered with our 55mm acrylic D20 for those most important roles?

Need a huge d20? Kraken Dice gots you covered and you will be rolling large with this enormous d20. Goblins, Skeletons, & Kobolds... they will be running in fear when they see how ginormous your d20 is and the damage it's about to do. This 55mm D20s will prove to be an overwhelming presence at your gaming table. Frighten your players, intimidate those around you, let your players know size does matter with your bigger rolls.