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Modiphius Announces 2D20 Day

Modiphius' RPGs are known for the 2d20 system they use. Well, Modiphius is wanting to celebrate the system and all things RPG on July 20th. More than just a sale, they've got a whole set of things lined up.

From the website:

Get ready for 2d20 Day and the 2d20 Summer of Gaming!


Starting July 20th at 2.20 pm BST and running until July 22nd at 2:20 pm We're going to be launching 48-hour sale on all 2d20 core books in print and PDF formats, to help new gamemasters and players discover a wide range of gaming worlds! , these products will be available for 20% off, making it the perfect time to try out games like Dune, Achtung! Cthulhu, and Fallout!

SRD Release

The SRD is a toolkit that will allow creators to craft their own 2d20-based role-playing games and supplements. It explains all the core mechanics of the system, making it so game designers can create exciting experiences around Modiphius’ cinematic high-action and dramatic ruleset. The SRD will be available as a downloadable PDF 0n 7/20/2022.