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Monday Terrain Corner

And we're back to Monday. It was inevitable, but we still have the memories of the weekend. I'm sure many of you participated in various Gen Con Online events. I hope they went well for you. I had D&D yesterday. Word of note: An Armorer Articifer with Haste and Blur is a one-gnome wrecking crew. We are only Level 5 and Spark, my character, was running around at Speed 50, 3 attacks per turn, a bonus action for an extra attack thanks to a shield I'd picked up, AC 23 and disadvantage on attacks against me. Kind of ridiculous. You know what else is ridiculous? Having an ugly gaming table. So, let's fix that.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Harbour Life Terrain Up On Kickstarter and DrakenStone Fantasy Terrain Up On Kickstarter.

Harbour Life Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Hello, we are the "Mystery Studio" team, we make high-quality collectible miniatures and terrain mostly on a 28-35mm scale.

We always had few fantasy elements on the table. And we decided to create them ourselves. In this project, we present to you a large set of fantasy city port. At the moment, we have already made prototypes and first copies of almost all the miniatures, except for a few.

All models are ready for production.

We sincerely hope for your support, because the emergence of new, interesting projects depends on the success of this project.

DrakenStone Fantasy Terrain Up On Kickstarter

DrakenStone presents its FOURTH Kickstarter project; "Fantasy Architecture, Ruins and Terrain". We’re excited to bring you some new dungeon terrain options and some old favorites.

DrakenStone is a “Made in the USA” company that provides you low cost, high quality, easy to assemble dungeon terrain options. Because our team is small and we’re extra careful with our overhead, we’re able to offer you simply great dungeon terrain options at a fraction of the cost. AND when you support us on Kickstarter, you get an even better discount - plus bonuses!