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Monday Terrain Corner

This week's been a really slow starter for me. Just couldn't seem to get going. Ah well, I'll get there. And hopefully you will as well. In the meantime, as we all get some more caffeine in us, let's make your gaming tables look good. Today in the Terrain Corner we have:

Maps Your Party Will Die For 3 Up On Kickstarter

As a DM, I like to have wilderness and village maps on hand just in case my players like to...wander. Come on, you know they do. One minute they're traveling overland to the next adventure you meticulously planned and wrote and the next they're checking out the ruined fort on that low lying ridge you just happened to mentioned as flavor text!

Fret no more, my friends. MAPS YOUR PARTY WILL DIE FOR 3: The WILD is here.

MYPWDF3 is the sequel to MYPWDF2: MEGA-DUNGEON and is made up of the MYPWDF3: The WILD Digital Maps Package and the MYPWDF3: The WILD DM's Workbook!

The Vert 3D Print Cyberpunk Terrain Up On Kickstarter

 The Vert is designed to be stacked up, level by level, as high as you want. The completely modular, magnetic wall system lets you mix and match walls however you like, while giving you quick and easy access to the building's interiors.

A specially designed peg system holds each layer of the frames of your building firmly together as you pop the magnetic walls in and out. Use T shaped pegs for a stable connection that you can quickly stack and unstack on the fly, or use H-shaped pegs to firmly secure levels together, perfect for display pieces or a more permanent building frame, perfect for a display shelf but accessible enough to play in.

How To Build Tabletop Terrain Guide Book Up On Kickstarter

Whether you are new to the tabletop hobby or a long-time fan, inexperienced or skilled in crafting and modelling, you’ll find detailed, step-by-step guidelines of how to create atmospheric terrain and inspiring gaming boards!

Special feature: All tutorials are fully modular and always offer an assortment of possibilities! Do you want to build an exciting game board ready to play on within a few days? Or you do have more free time to make a more complex and impressive gaming surface? We have all options covered, so you can choose the tutorials, tips and tricks that best fit your time and budget.