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Monday Terrain Corner

Well, we're back to Monday again. We all knew it was going to happen eventually. I do hope you had a good weekend, though. I had a pretty wild D&D session involving dream hopping. So, that was fun. But, seeing as it's Monday, we should get some terrain up here for you. Out of your dreams, onto your table.

Swamp Hut 3D Print Terrain Up On Kickstarter

I decided to try some different format for me - Pay What You Want!


Because i came to conclusion that huge, massive sets often distracts me and create more pressure, i have to chase my competitors in quantity instead of quality. So its more comfortable for me as a solo creator - no time pressure. It leaves more time for quality and creativity and attention, and, ofcourse, posibility to react on your comments and suggestions!

This House is a part of one massive set of 3 or 4 houses, or even more. I will roll them out in the same way as this one.

District 1919 Sci-Fi Terrain Up On Kickstarter

We are proud to present to you our 7th War Scenery Kickstarter Campaign! The war continues with amazing 3D printable Sci-Fi buildings, terrain, props and miniatures!

Ruins of Hollow Hills Terrain Up On Kickstarter

“Ruins of Hollow Hills” is a collection of Fantasy Ruined Buildings, Thematic Scenery Pieces and Miniatures as 3D Printable Files for Resin and FDM printing.

All the buildings, scenery and miniatures from this campaign are designed for tabletop role play, skirmish games, wargames of 28-32 miniature scale or for use with your scale model projects!

 All the Buildings, Scenery & Miniatures from this Campaign are 3D PRINTABLE FILES ONLY!

This means that you have to print the miniatures in a Resin or FDM 3D Printer .