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Monday Terrain Corner

Back to the week again? I guess we knew it was bound to happen eventually. Oh well. I hope your weekend was relaxing. Mine was. But, seeing as it's Monday, we might as well make it as productive as possible, such as by making your gaming tables look good. Today in the Terrain Corner, we have:

Dry Rock Gulch Building Set Available From Modiphius

Dry Rock Gulch, first of the Nuka World expansion parks, was a homage to the American pioneers and the Wild West they tamed. Pre-war guests were welcomed at the many attractions and replica buildings along the frontier-themed Main Street. Now boarded-up and abandoned by the owners, you’ll want to keep your hand on your holster until you know who or what has taken up residence in the Undertaker’s storefront or the dust beneath the creaking windmill. Back in the day, Main Street staged dramatic mock shoot-outs, but if you’re not careful, you might just stumble into one for real.

This 3D print product lets you print multiple themed pieces of terrain to create the ultimate Dry Rock Gulch table. The set includes six variations of single storey buildings and two of double storey buildings, with a variety of separate signage options to cover all the staples of any frontier town. Also included is a windmill, a great spot for sniping or keeping an eye on the horizon.

Each building can be printed with or without the roof to allow you to detail the interiors if desired, or to cut down on the resin used in the print.

Includes a selection of one- and two-storey wild west themed buildings with separate signage and optional roofs so you can make the street your own.

The building files included have been pre-hollowed and supported for easier printing.