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Moonstone is Returning to Kickstarter on 27 March with a Brand New Faction: The Leshavult

The folks over at Goblin King Games are looking to bring a new faction to their fantasy skirmish game, Moonstone. This new faction is the Leshavult. This new campaign looks to launch on the 27th of March and run for a couple weeks. So save up your nickels now.

From the announcement:

Like the Commonwealth and Dominion before, the new faction is mixed race and includes new Human, Giant, Gnome, Fawn, Faerie and Animal miniatures!

All are followers of the God of Natural Order, Growth and Entropy: Leshavit.

The Kickstarter will include 11 characters from the new faction: 3 brand new Troupe Boxes, each made up of 3 miniatures and 2 Monster Boxes, as well as 'Made for Moonstone' Terrain packs, designed and produced by TTCombat, and an opportunity for players who missed out on our Full Game Kickstarter to get items from our existing range.

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