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New 3D Print Dwarves Available From Avatars of War

The Avatars of War Patreon campaign brings you new minis each month for their games with an old-school feel. This month, it's about the Dwarves. They have new figures up as part of their campaign available now.

From the announcement:


The first true Digital Dwarves are finally here: Dwarves with true dwarven soul.

Felix Paniagua aka “the Lord of the Dwarves” has done it again:

He has sculpted the most Iconic Dwarves in the history of Wargames, this time and for the first time in digital format.

A fascinating DWARF FEMALE, and imposing BERSERKER LORD, a LEGENDARY ENGINEER, a BERSERKER ENGINEER (and his upgraded version) and an enchanting DWARF FEMALE DRAGON SEEKER.

They will be available during this September at Avatars of War Legendary Heroes Patreon for only 3,99€.