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New Ancestries Coming to Pathfinder Society

In RPGs, players want to be able to create the character they want. Having more options is always going to be good. And so, Paizo is bringing some more ancestries to Pathfinder Society play. Have a look at who's going to be joining the fun in this article.

From the update:

During Year 3: Year of Shattered Sanctuaries, the Pathfinder Society finds itself under attack as dangerous threats loom over lodges across the Inner Sea. Fortunately, the Society’s recruitment efforts over the past two years have been successful. To represent these changes as well as other developments in Pathfinder lore, we’ll be updating several of the Pathfinder Society Achievement Point boons to make it easier to create characters of several different ancestries. These adjustments will go into effect when Year 3 launches on August 19th.