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New Cruel Seas, Blood Red Skies, and Bolt Action Releases and Pre-Orders from Warlord Games

It's all WWII today for Warlord Games' releases. There's new kits for Cruel Seas, Blood Red Skies, and Bolt Action for you to order (or pre-order in some cases). So, whether you like your 1940s action on the ocean, in the sky, or on the land, you've got your options laid out for you.

New: Cruel Seas R-23 R-boat

The R-boat, also known as Räumboote in German, was a class of naval vessels originally designed as minesweepers, but their role evolved under fire. Prized for their manoeuvrability and shallow draft, they were perfect for escorting coastal traffic and patrolling the extensive coastlines of the new German Reich.

New: Cruel Seas – Fairmile D MTB 624

The Fairmile company produced a mass production vessel, which had good seagoing qualities and was used also for mine laying. The Fairmile B followed this, 398 being built in the UK, and 180 more in the Commonwealth, an impressive total. They showed their suitability by one flotilla even crossing the Atlantic to Trinidad via Iceland!

pre-order: VF-10 “Grim Reapers” Corsair Squadron

VF-10 began its illustrious career flying the Grumman F4F Wildcat, deployed with USS Enterprise to the Southern Pacific, taking part in the 1942 Battle of Guadalcanal.

Returning to the U.S. they transitioned to the Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat and once again deployed to the South Pacific aboard Enterprise. During this second combat tour, VF-10 was heavily involved in operations from the Marshall Islands and on to Jaluit, Emirau, Western Caroline Islands, Hollandia, Truk Lagoon and the Battle of the Philippine Sea (known as the Marianas Turkey Shoot).

Pre-order: VMA-214 “Black Sheep” Corsair Squadron

In 1943, a group of twenty-seven young men under the leadership of Major Gregory “Pappy” Boyington (just returned from a year’s tour in China as a member of the 1st American Volunteer Group (The Flying Tigers)) were joined together to form the original “Black sheep” of Marine Attack Squadron 214 (VMA-214).

New: Soviet Assault Engineers squad + Support Group

More men for the cause; send the Axis forces diving for cover with the new Soviet Assault Engineers squad and Soviet Support Group.

New: Hungarian Army Honved Division section (winter)

Although the majority of infantry forces fielded by the Royal Hungarian Army in 1944–45 were not combat hardened, there were some experienced units after 3 years of fighting on the Eastern Front. Infantry Divisions of the Hungarian First Army had recently fought in the defence of Galicia in early 1944, and would put their experience to good use, like the 25th Division at the Battle of Tordá and the 10th Division inside the Budapest pocket.

A Hungarian rifle platoon was not as well trained in infantry tactics as their German comrades, nor did it possess their firepower. Although, with 3 sections of 13 men the Magyars did have an advantage in manpower, and the issuing of modern panzerfausts gave them a chance against Soviet tanks that their countrymen on the Don River in 1942 did not.

New: German Heer Support Group

This set contains:

  • 1 x German Heer HQ
  • 1 x German Heer Medium Machine Gun Team
  • 1 x German Hear Medium Mortar Team