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New Dropzone Commander Releases Available From TT Combat

Ok, last set of new releases for the day, I promise. I know. My wallet is very unhappy about all of it, too. But the part of my brain that's all about the shiny, new figures is going absolutely insane. This time around, it's new Dropzone Commander releases from TTCombat. Specifically, new Shaltari figures, including a new starter set to get you right into the thick of things right away.

From the post:

It’s Shaltari time on the TTCombat webstore!

Today we’ve got a brand new Starter Army available for you all. It’s the enigmatic aliens the Shaltari!

This new set is getting the bumper XL treatment that the UCM and Scourge ones got. The Shaltari Starter Army is available now for £35, and contains:

  • The brand new Daimyo Battlesuit Commander. This little tyke can teleport enemies out of Garrisons and themselves away from enemy fire!
  • 8 bases of Shaltari Braves
  • 4 Haven Terragates
  • 6 Tomahawk battletanks
  • 6 Kukri anti-air tanks
  • 6 Eden Gates
  • An acrylic blast marker
  • Fastplay cards

So much stuff! It’s a whole army in a box. The Daimyo is a resin miniature and all the rest are hard plastic on sprues. The sprues actually come with a fair few extra Braves and Havens too, although this is our recommended starter army. Brucey bonus!