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New Edition of Twilight: 2000 RPG Now Available

Here in the real world, the Cold War didn't end up resulting in a World War 3. However, the world of Twilight: 2000 wasn't so fortunate. A new edition of this retro-apocalyptic RPG is now available from Free League Publishing.

From the announcement:

Survive mankind’s most desperate hour. The World War III that never was has arrived. The new edition of the Twilight: 2000 roleplaying game was released today and the launch includes both a massive boxed set as well as a PDF version on DrivthruRPG and a Virtual Tabletop edition on Foundry VTT.

The new retro-apocalyptic edition of Twilight: 2000 goes back to the roots of the franchise with open-world roleplaying in the devastation of World War III. Just like the original 1984 edition, this new game is set in a year 2000 devastated by war – now in an alternate timeline where the Soviet Union never collapsed.