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New Epic Encounters Sets Available From Steamforged Games

Want some new figures and an adventure to go with them for your D&D games? Then you'll want to check out the Epic Encounters page over at Steamforged Games. They've got two new sets available now.

From the article:

Our latest additions to the Epic Encounters library are here, get ready to make your next game night epic!

In the heart of a ruined city stands a giant, mouldering arena. Skeletons, spectres, and shambling hordes of undead stand witness to a gladiatorial contest between their human captives. You’ll find everything you need to challenge the Undead Horde, including 20 highly detailed minis and an adventure book woven with information to fuel your imagination.

Perfect for new and experienced players, Tower of the Lich Empress has everything you need with enough prompts, stats, and Lich Empress knowledge to overtake your mind. Use this set as the finale to Arena of the Undead Horde, or create your very own undeath-defying Lich Empress encounter!