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New Guild Ball Errata Posted

No matter how much testing a company does, whenever their product goes out into "the wild," there's bound to be things that are found that could have possibly been better in the design. That definitely holds true for minis games that have quite a lot of different moving parts associated with them. Well, thankfully, many companies look to fix these issues. Steamforged, for example, has released a new Guild Ball Errata. Make sure you're playing with the right rules!

From the post:

Hey there, sports fans!

It’s been around 6 months, which means the time has come again. 

That’s right: 

It’s time for the new Guild Ball errata!

This errata is smaller than the previous errata which, as you might remember, was the Biggest Ever

Here, 18 models have seen changes with, as always, the goal of equalising win and play rates across the game.