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New Lord of the Rings Miniatures Available to Order From Games Workshop

Games Workshop has a whole host of Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit/Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game figures that you can get made-to-order just for you this week over in their webshop. Want to fill out your armies? This is the perfect chance to do so. Trolls, knights, humans, elves. There's a little bit of everything.

From the article:

Last weekend, in your collective eagerness to grab the classic Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game miniatures as they returned to the range, our stocks ran dry before many of you were able to place your orders.* Well, the last we want is for anyone to miss out this week too, so we come bearing good news.

If you’ve been praying to Manwë that you can get your hands on this weekend’s releases for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game before our limited stock runs dry, you’ll be pleased to know they will now be available via our Made to Order service for one week instead. This means that stock won’t run out – provided you place it before 6pm GMT on Sunday the 31st of January, we’ll ensure we make enough extra models to honour every order.