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New Minis Kits, Bundles, and App Available For Fallout: Wasteland Warfare

Lots of stuff going on for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare from Modiphius. There's two new minis kits in the form of Elder Maxson and Captail Kells plus the Order of the Shield. They've got some new bundles that you can pick up to make your purchases easier and cheaper. And there's the new App for the game that will help you organize your collection, build armies, and play your games.

From the announcement:

Beef up your Brotherhood of Steel warriors with two mighty miniatures sets featuring Elder Maxson and Captain Kells, plus the awesome Order of the Shield to introduce some real battlefield muscle to your encounters.

 We also have two brand new bundles, the mighty Robots Core Bundle for mechanoid lovers and a huge Flesh and Metal Bundle which gathers together all the best of the Wave 3 releases. Now on with the details!