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New Necromunda Pre-Releases Available From Games Workshop

Ash Wastes is the newest expansion for Necromunda. It's got a new army as well in the form of the Ash Waste Nomads. The new core box for the faction, as well as some extra model kits and accessories are now available to pre-order from Games Workshop.

From the article:

It’s time to rev your engines and strap on your saddles, as the fight for loot and territory blasts out onto Necromunda’s irradiated surface.

This next major expansion for Necromunda is the largest yet, moving the action into a whole new, even more dangerous locale – the ash wastes. Experienced Orlock gangers, protectors of the supply convoys that roam the roads, come under attack from the Ash Wastes Nomads, who use scavenged technology and Necromunda’s giant irradiated insects to waylay unlucky travellers.