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New Penny Dreadful Available For Through the Breach

Need a new, quick, one-shot adventure to drop into your Through the Breach campaign? Wyrd's here to help with their new Price of Progress adventure. All you gotta do is check out ahead of the rail line and make sure there's no quicksand (they didn't want to send a team of horses, because that'd be too expensive). Should be simple, right?

From the post:

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, Waldo heard us talking about classic rock. He got very excited and scurried off… but didn’t stay long enough to hear the whole conversation. When we all came back from lunch, the office was filled with stones, pebbles, and ores of every size.

While we all try and figure out how Waldo managed to replace our office chairs with boulders, take a look at some new equally rock-filled content for Through the Breach!

In Price of Progress, the Fated are quietly hired for a job by Condor Rails, the largest rail company in Malifaux. The job sounds simple enough: go to a location outside of Edge Point and check to make sure that it’s suitable for a new rail line.