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New Pre-Orders Available From Games Workshop

Saturday, Games Workshop dropped their next batch of new releases into their webshop for pre-order, as is their custom. This week, it's the new Black Templars box set, some made-on-demand Blood Bowl teams, and the latest issue of White Dwarf.

From the article:

Stick some candles to your shoulders and readjust your cape – it’s time to hunt some heretics with the Black Templars. Today sees the pre-orders go live for the new Army Set, complete with powerful units and a stunning limited edition codex supplement to get you into the grimdark groove. It’s the perfect way to get an army together before High Marshal Helbrecht makes his arrival, and it puts you within chainsword reach of a free Sergeant Castus.*

If you prefer your skulls upright and playing football rather than adorning a Space Marine’s shoulder pads, cast your eyes below as classic Tomb Kings and Amazon Blood Bowl teams make their return. Just don’t let the Black Templars know – Helbrecht has a major grudge against skeletal men.