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New Rulebook Available for Dropfleet Commander

The folks over at TTCombat have been working hard to make sure that Dropfleet Commander is the best game it can be. That includes working on a new version of the rulebook. And they're happy to say that their hard work has paid off. You can get the new version of the Dropfleet Commander rulebook as a digital download now.

From the website:

That’s right, we have a new version of the Dropfleet Commander digital rulebook available to download now!

Click here to get them yourself for free!

As part of our 2020 advent calendar, we released an updated digital version of the Dropfleet Commander rules. Mostly it was simply copying rules over from the paperback, adding in some FAQ and errata changes, and a little bit of reformatting.

Well, since then we’ve been busy behind the scenes testing out some other changes. Some of these will be familiar to tournament players! We’ve also edited a few sections to be a bit more readable. While we’re not doing full patch notes, a quick rundown:

  • Launch Asset section reworded – Fire Ships are now included (they now group their attacks together too).
  • Torpedoes have been reworked (less swingy with more damage).
  • A couple of special rules have been edited (Corruptor, Impel).
  • Edited incongruencies between the digital and printed versions (Launch Assets going through scenery!).
  • Tightened up wording throughout.

There’s a lot of little things in there that have been edited, but it’s mostly to avoid more FAQs and help it to be easier to understand.