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New Sci-fi Releases Available From Mantic Games

Mantic's loaded up their Mantic Direct service with a whole bunch of new releases for Deadzone and Firefight. Head on over and see what's now available. Quite a lot of factions got stuff, so there's a good chance there's something for you over there.

From the article:

We have just added a load of sweet new models to pre-order from the Mantic Direct Range!

Mantic Direct is products that don’t have a full retail release, or did have a retail release but were part of a much bigger product like a two player set. FIND OUT MORE HERE

The idea behind the minis below is to help with your Deadzone and/or Firefight collections. With the release of Firefight, you may now need multiples of some releases, plus the Firefight launch also saw some awesome new miniatures, like the resin Overseer, which were previously only available in a big Strike Force set.