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New The Horus Heresy Figure and Upgrades Available to Pre-order from Forge World

It's The Horus Heresy stuff this week over in Forge World's pre-order shop. They've got the new Marduk Sedras figure as well as some upgrades for your Dark Angels figures.

From the article:

This week’s Forge world pre-orders bring you a host of upgrades for the First, Third, and Fifth Legions of the Horus Heresy, letting you customise your forces to your heart’s content.

The world-ending Marduk Sedras is available for pre-order now. He wears the Regalia of the Shattered Sceptre and wields the Death of Worlds, at the head of the Dreadwing. He is one of the handful to have earned the title of Eskaton, for presiding over the death of an entire world. Hear that? That’s the sound of all the Traitor Legions gulping in unison.