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New Warcry Box Set Available to Pre-order from Games Workshop

This week, Games Workshop's pre-order store is all about Warcry. It's not just a new box set, it's also a new edition of the game. Head on through and get your name on the list to add it to your collection. Note: This is a 2-week pre-order as opposed to the usual 1.

From the article:

This launch set arrives on a two-week pre-order period today.* It’s the perfect starting point for the new edition of Warcry, with everything you need to set two warbands – the sickly Rotmire Creed and the industrial conquerors known as the Horns of Hashut – battling over a gaming board packed with gnarly living terrain.

You’ll also get the Warcry Core book, as well as the Rot and Ruin warband tome – which explains the full rules for the included warbands, and all the accessories you need to play. The Heart of Ghur boxed set is an incredible way to kick off your adventure into Warcry, but beware, this boxed set will only be available while stocks last.