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New Warhammer Underworlds and Lord of the Rings Products Available to Pre-Order From Games Workshop

Games Workshop is taking a decidedly fantasy bent this week in terms of their pre-orders. They have two new sets for Warhammer Underworlds, including a new starter set as well as Arena Mortis. Then, for you Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game players, they have the new Quest of the Ringbearer book.

Enter the Warhammer Underworlds with the ultimate getting started bundle. Play one-on-one clashes with the Beastgrave core set, which includes two warbands – Grashrak's Destroyers and Skaeth's Wild Hunt – along with cards, boards, and more. Then you can choose your favourite fighter and enter the Arena Mortis for brutal multiplayer battles where death is not the end… This collection includes everything you need to play both versions of the game, and you can add more variety by picking up Warband packs, which come with new fighters and cards to add to your decks.


Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave

This boxed set contains:

– The complete Warhammer Underworlds rules

– 11 push-fit plastic models, making two warbands

– Pre-built decks for both warbands, plus extra cards to customise them

– 2 double-sided game boards

– 11 dice and a plethora of tokens

Warhammer Underworlds meets fast-paced multiplayer combat in Arena Mortis – an expansion that transforms the ultimate competitive miniatures game into a furious free-for-all! Choose your favourite champion and pit them against 2-5 others for a fresh and fun challenge.

This boxed set lets you transform your Warhammer Underworlds collection into a new kind of game. Picking your favourite hero, you'll embark on arena battles that are fast paced, fun and that'll push your Warhammer Underworlds skills to the limit!

Inside the set, you'll find:

- 20 all-new Gambit cards – designed for Arena Mortis but usable in ANY of your games

- 20 all-new Upgrade cards – also usable in ordinary games of Warhammer Underworlds

- A double-sided game board to play on, compatible with all existing Warhammer Underworlds boards

- Tokens and Cards for keeping track of the game

- Updated cards for the Restless Dead gambit and the Sepulchral Warden, reprinted for your convenience incorporating the latest rules updates

The last days of the Third Age of Middle-earth may have been dominated by the many great battles fought during the climactic War of the Ring, yet the most seismic event of all was the destruction of the One Ring and the final defeat of the Dark Lord Sauron. Crucial to this lasting victory over the forces of darkness was the epic journey undertaken by the Nine Walkers – the Fellowship of the Ring – for the deeds of its members, both good and ill, were destined to rule the fate of all.

This expansion for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game brings the fateful quest of the Fellowship of the Ring to life. As well as background on where the Fellowship’s journey took them and vivid descriptions of the the many trials and tribulations they faced along the way, the book features a wealth of new rules, Scenarios and profiles. There are also rules for a linked, 28-scenario campaign that enables you to refight every key engagement involving the Fellowship and its members – from the smallest skirmish to the largest battle – with your collection of Citadel and Forge World miniatures.

Inside this 128-page hardback supplement, you will find:

Scenarios: 28 Narrative Scenarios, from the very start of Frodo's journey in Farmer Maggot's crop in the Shire, right through to the destruction of the One Ring in the fire of Mount Doom.

The Journey of the Ringbearer: Rules for linking the Narrative Scenarios together into a flowing campaign, with each battle having an impact on others. These include rules to represent the length of the journey, your Heroes being injured (or even dying!), and recovering their strength between encounters with the enemy.

Armies: Detailed army focuses, including the strengths, weaknesses and key models for five Armies: The Fellowship, Rangers of Ithilien, Wanderers in The Wild, The Black Riders and Cirith Ungol. Also includes two new profiles for the Rangers of Ithilien list, and two for the Wanders in the Wild list.

Legendary Legions: Rules for six new and updated Legendary Legions: The Breaking of the Fellowship, Rangers of Ithilien, Lurtz's Scouts, Depths of Moria, The Black Riders, and Cirith Ungol.

Fantasy Fellowship: Guidelines for creating your own Fantasy Fellowship by assembling Heroes from across Middle-earth in a similar way to the actual Fellowship of the Ring, but accounting for numerous 'what ifs' that could have reasonably happened throughout Middle-earth's and The One Ring's history. Includes rules for selecting a Ringbearer, their Companion, and the rest of The Fellowship. Also provides a slightly revised Fantasy Fellowship campaign, consisting of 23 linked Scenarios. (Please note that you will need the War in Rohan and Gondor at War supplements to be able to play all the way through the scenarios featured in the Fantasy Fellowship campaign.)

Weathertop Masterclass: An extended masterclass on how to best build and paint the Weathertop scenery piece, available on, which was a key location on Frodo's journey.