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Oak and Steel Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Western exploration of the US was a hectic time. Towns were popping up all over. Rainways were connecting them. The law looked to keep up with it all. And that's what you'll be recreating in Oak & Steel, a new board game from Mr. B. Games that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

In Oak & Steel, players will compete to be the first to complete 4 of the 6 public goals. You will need to use your Cowboys to help farm resources, Explorers to discover new tiles to farm, and Work Crew to build rails to connect to these tiles and build cities!

Along the way, your income will increase as well as your resources - but watch out! - other players can Bring brutes to your towns and farms - removing your cowboys and taking the resources for themselves.

The First Edition of Oak & Steel will be available here on Kickstarter for only a short time, with a short late pledge after. Remaining copies will be sold directly from Mr. B. Games and via our website as supplies and demand last. This will be your best chance to get a copy of the game at the best price. Our last 2 Kickstarters were not as widely released as some of our others in the past - don't miss out on the Oak & Steel kickstarter, which will be your BEST PRICE available on the first printing and early access to the 5th player expansion! We would LOVE to see Oak & Steel do well enough to get a 2nd printing, wider release and distribution - but in the current environment of things we may not reprint the game or have a general retail release for quite some time

The game's over 9/10 funded with 15 days left to go.


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Project was canceled today.