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One Page Rules Releases New Battle Sisters Troops Sculpts

Right now, it's a really good time to have a 3D printer. We're going through a major renaissance of 3D figures and terrain being released. Hey, if you can't get the minis to come to you, you can just make 'em yourself. Well, if you do have a 3D printer and you're looking for some more troops for your Grimdark Future games, One Page Rules has some new Battle Sisters available for you.

From the post:

These battle-hardened troops form the back-bone of the Battle Sisters army, ready to burn down traitors and aliens to a crisp.

These models come with 2 different head designs, 5 different weapons, as well as optional backpacks.

Download the models here: 

Note that you must be a Tier 3 patron to access to the link above.

These models are going to be available exclusively on Patreon until the 29th of April, after which they will go up for sale on our CGTrader store at a higher price.