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Origin Immortal Worldbuilding RPG Zine Up On Kickstarter

You ever look around at the world and been like, "tsh. I could've done better." Well, Origin Immortal lets you do just that. It lets you and the rest of your group play as gods looking to create a world. It's worldbuilding in a literal sense. The RPG zine is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:


Wow, the support for Origin Immortal has been unbelievable. A massive thank you to everyone who has reached out, shown interest, or personally backed this campaign – you are all truly divine. As a way of saying thank you back, the gods have blessed this Kickstarter with a series of stretch goals! These stretch goals will only be enacted if the total support for the campaign reaches each threshold, but the basic campaign has been funded in its entirety and the rewards offered can only be expanded upon. Again, thank you to everyone who was willing to support OI: ZINE Edition, whether with your support or with your financial backing – together, we’ve brought a whole new series of universes to life.

The campaigns' headed to 10x funded (being fair, they weren't asking for a lot) with 11 days left to go.