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Paizo Announces New Starfinder Playtest

Paizo is looking to add a new class to the Starfinder lineup. It's the Evolutionist and they're all about making themselves the ultimate in a species, from going to an extraplanar being or leaving biology behind and becoming mechanical. You can help make sure that they're everything they can be by joining the upcoming playtest for it.

From the article:

Some say the only constant is change—and Starfinder’s newest playtest is all about it! Indeed, it’s time to shake up the galaxy with a new class that demonstrates the power and possibility of transformation.

From August 2nd to September 24th, we’ll be running a public playtest for the evolutionist, Starfinder’s future addition to the bevvy of available classes! The class will feature in an upcoming (unannounced, impossible-to-discern) Starfinder product.

As an evolutionist, you’ll choose a path of transformation and gain related abilities as you grow in power: become a magnificent extraplanar being, evolve from mere mortal into machine, accept the powers and perils of undeath, or erupt with chimeric potential and vital energy. Whichever path you choose, you’ll have to balance your burgeoning prowess for metamorphosis with the dangerous risks sometimes posed by your talents.