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Paizo Pathfinder Dark Archive Class Playtest Starts Today

Do you want to get involved with the design process and help make Pathfinder every bit as awesome as it can be? If so, then you'll want to head over to their website and check out the Dark Archive class playtest that's going on right now. Download the rules, try them out, give your feedback. It's a good time had by all.

From the article:

In the month since we announced our latest class playtest, there’ve been rumors, speculation, and Pathfinder fans across the internet connecting the threads of what the next book could be. Appropriate, since I can now say that our newest rulebook will be the paranormal Pathfinder Dark Archive, releasing at Gen Con 2022!

Golarion is a fantastic world filled with the impossible. A city returned from the depths of time. A chasm to the Abyss, only recently sealed. A fallen star granting godhood. Yet even in a world where anything is possible, there are always further depths and stranger phenomena on the fringes of understanding. The Dark Archive contains material for players and GMs alike to bring cryptids, temporal anomalies, and other paranormal phenomena to their game tables. And of course, two new character classes that investigate the unknown: the psychic and the thaumaturge!