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Paizo Posts New COVID-19 Update

Information is key during this time. You want to know what's going on outside while you're inside. You want to know when things will hopefully start to normalize out a bit. To help keep you in the know, Paizo has been posting regular updates during this crisis. They've got a new one up, including a look at what they will be releasing this month.

From the post:

I wasn’t planning to hit you with a weekly update when I started these, but things keep changing so quickly and new information is reaching us almost daily, that I felt that you needed an update, especially with our new April products scheduled to release in a few weeks.

As many of you are probably aware, various shutdowns of nonessential businesses across the world have left many brick and mortar hobby game stores and bookstores closed for an indefinite period of time. Some stores are still open, while others have pivoted to online sales, doing curbside pick-up, or even hand-delivering game products to customer’s homes! If your local stores are finding creative ways to get our products into your hands, please support them in these tough times!

However, the temporary shutdown of many of these stores, as well as local shutdowns of nonessential businesses, has forced most of our distribution partners to close their operations temporarily. This means that most won’t be ordering our new releases when they come out at the end of April unless things improve before then. For the last three weeks, Amazon has stopped all restocks of nonessential items to give their warehouses the opportunity to provide their customers with essential products to get through this pandemic. To complicate matters, even when Amazon starts restocking our products, the distributor which sells to them for us has been shut down for who knows how long.

The long and short of all of this is that it may be difficult for you to find our new products while traditional distribution is mostly shut down. We are hopeful about being able to open up our warehouse to start shipping products in a week or two if the local situation continues to improve as it has lately (all while practicing safe social distancing). So with a bit of luck, we will be shipping all orders of new product in the second half of April, both for orders you placed through and for distributors and retailers that remain open. Hobby game stores can also buy directly from us by registering their store at

If you are interested in any of our new April products, then please reach out to your local hobby game store to see if they will be stocking them. Paizo ships our e-commerce all over the world, so if we are open to ship, then that is also an option for you. And finally, for those that are interested in PDF versions of our April releases, those should be available at the end of the month as usual.