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Paizo Posts New Pathfinder Monsters

So, I mentioned yesterday my disdain for April Fool's. Here's the type of story I don't mind so much. Paizo has posted up several absurd monsters that you can add to your Pathfinder games.

There you go. No fake-out. No Rickroll. Just some strange monsters you can add to your games. Perfect.

From the article:

With such glowing reception to last year’s April Fools’ Bestiary Blog as “None of these are canon” or “John Compton what have you done,” we knew we had to come back this year! More monsters. More typos. Less (fewer?) lead-in text where I try to justify what we’ve done with the blog slot the marketing department entrusted us with. The April Fools’ Bestiary is in motion now, and it can’t be stopped. Let’s see what foolish monsters hath sprung from 2020–2021 Paizo.