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Paizo Posts New Pathfinder and Starfinder Releases

Y'know, even when a company has a "big release," it's usually like 5-6 things. Paizo regularly has 7-12 new things available when they have their releases. And this month is now different. Pathfinder and Starfinder players, there's more than likely something for you. Check it all out.

From the article:

So many fantastic Paizo products are coming out this month, including Pathfinder’s biggest rulebook of the year, the first Pathfinder Lost Omens Special Edition, two Free RPG Day adventures, two Flip-Mats, an intergalactic race across land and sea, a bounty to save a nigh-extinct species, a handy pocket edition, numerous Society releases, and the start of a new Pathfinder Adventure Path that’s perfect for less than good-hearted adventurers!