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Paizo Posts Organized Play Update

This is turning into the year of virtual conventions. And some of the biggest are still coming up. Paizo's giving us a look into what you can expect for them, as well as some updates to their various organized play rules as they adjust to this new way of playing games.

From the article:

With two online conventions under our belt, we’ve got our processes down. That being said, there are still several more in the pipeline – Virtually Expo (to replace UK Games Expo) and Gen Con being the next on the horizon. Besides conventions, we have lots more going on in the OP realm, so I’m going to end my musings with a huge thank you to all our GMs and volunteers organizing games. As the world starts to resume in-person gatherings, I’ll note each community will decide when and how to approach in person gaming and request that all our players work with their organizers to take suggested precautions and keep our community safe, healthy, and happy.