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Paizo Posts Starfinder Alien Survey

Paizo is looking for your help in guiding them where to go when it comes to their aliens in Starfinder. There's a toooooooon of them out there, and only so much time to write about them. So, they'd like your help directing that knowledge. As such, they've posted up a quick survey. You can even get a free wallpaper for finishing.

From the website:

One of the best things about Starfinder is being able to play as one of an ever-growing number of alien species—more than 100 at last count! While we have our favorites, we’d love to know about yours, so from now until March 21st, we’re running a brief survey to find out which of Starfinder’s species you’re interested in learning more about. Please participate today, and help influence upcoming Starfinder products!

As thanks for answering the survey’s two questions, we’ll provide you a link to an exclusive desktop wallpaper (at multiple resolutions) of Starfinder’s first 10 iconic characters.