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Paizo Previews More Secrets of Magic Spells for Pathfinder

Paizo has a live-play going on for Pathfinder that includes content for the upcoming Secrets of Magic supplement. If you're excited to see what kind of new spells you'll be able to learn, you can head over and check it out. We get a look at 3 new ones this time around.

From the article:

In the Pathfinder: Secrets of Magic liveplay, you can have a great time learning the Pathfinder Second Edition game and get a first look at some of the exciting new material in the upcoming Pathfinder Secrets of Magic rulebook, scheduled to release on September 1st. We’ve seen new spells, feats, and of course, the new magus and summoner classes.

Last week we featured a few of the new cantrip spells we’ve seen so far. Now, here are a few of the new spells that can be found on the player’s character sheets: