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Paizo Previews New Cantrips for Pathfinder

Paizo loves to show off previews for upcoming releases in a variety of ways. For the Secrets of Magic book for Pathfinder, they've been using the book as part of their liveplay of the game they've been broadcasting. If you missed it, you can still check out a small glimpse of some new cantrips that will be coming in the book here.

From the article:

In the Pathfinder: Secrets of Magic liveplay, you can have a great time learning the Pathfinder Second Edition game and get a first look at some of the exciting new material in the upcoming Pathfinder Secrets of Magic rulebook, scheduled to release on August 25th. We’ve seen new spells, feats, and of course, the new magus and summoner classes.

Let’s get a glimpse of some of the new cantrips we’ve seen so far!

Approximate (div): Magically estimate the number of nearby objects.

BullhornH (ill): Magnify your voice to be heard at a distance.

Healing PlasterH (tra): Transform mud into a healing plaster to treat wounds without healer’s tools.

TameH (enc): Make a domesticated animal friendlier to you.