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Paizo Previews Pathfinder Battles Premium Painted Figures

If there's one mini that matters most to an RPG-player, it's the one that represents their character on the tabletop. They might spend hours looking for just the right one that has the right gear, right look, and right pose to really capture what their character is. And Paizo is here to help you find just that right figure. They're coming out with their Pathfinder Battles Premium line of figures, of which we get a preview here.

From the article:

Fans of prepainted plastic gaming miniatures are no doubt familiar with the high-quality premium figures from our partners at WizKids, most notably the various Iconic Heroes sets we’ve released over the years. With the finest attention to detail of any mini in the Pathfinder Battles line, these figures raised the bar of what a prepainted miniature could be.

And in just a few weeks, WizKids will be releasing the first wave of Pathfinder Battles Premium Painted Figures. Sold individually, these six miniatures were designed for use as player characters, and present a variety of combinations of ancestry, class, and gender. In this debut wave, we’ve got the Half-Elf Ranger Male, Human Cleric Male, Half-Orc Barbarian Male, Elf Fighter Male, Human Rogue Female, and Human Rogue Male. Check out these previews of the figures below, available for preorder now and in stores everywhere on September 16.