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Paizo Previews The Broken Lands From the Lost Omens World Guide

When heading into a new region, it's good to get the lay of the land and know what you're heading into. That holds especially true if where you're heading isn't the most lush of environments. That's the case with The Broken Lands. We get a preview of them coming in the Lost Omens World Guide from Paizo.
"Watch out for snakes!"
Who said that?

From the post:

Continuing our preview of the ten meta-regions of the Lost Omens World Guide, releasing in August, this week we take a look at the Broken Lands. This region occupies the northeastern corner of Avistan, consisting of Brevoy, Mendev, Numeria, Razmiran, the River Kingdoms, and the Sarkoris Scar (what used to be the Worldwound). While many parts of the world could be described as "broken," this region is particularly scarred by political upheaval, war, and demonic invasion. Player characters in these lands are likely to find rival factions competing for control of a government on the edge of collapse, open conflict between opposing city- or nation-states, or the remnants of the Abyssal horde now cut off from their demonic home plane and stranded in a world no longer focused on eradicating the threat they present.