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Paizo Taking Pre-Orders for Lifesize Kobolds

Ok, so it's not normally the type of story we'd post since it's not really a game piece... but I just want one too much to not share here as well. Paizo is taking pre-orders for life size kobold figures in both red and blue. ... I kinda want a blue one.

From the article:

This life-sized replica stands a full three feet tall, ready to wreak havoc on anyone who enters their domain. The statue has been sculpted fully in sturdy, lightweight foam and latex, carefully hand-painted for realistic detail.

The iconic Pathfinder Kobold, with their sharp spear, is ready to stake their claim. Perfect for display in your home, retail store, or wherever they're likely to find treasure.

  • 36-inch-tall foam figure
  • Sturdy construction
  • Hand-painted details, including armor and adornments