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Pitching Games to AEG

Do you have a game idea? Do you think it'd be the next big thing in gaming? Want to get it published by one of the biggest publishers in the business? Well, AEG is taking submissions and in this time of COVID-19, they've had to change their format for doing so. They've posted updated guidelines for sending them a game to try.

From the post:

The New Normal

I am John Zinser CEO of AEG but my current title and job is Director of Creative. This means I’m responsible for making sure AEG makes the greatest games we can. And that’s where you come in. 

The time of Covid has certainly changed the way we review games and develop them. In 2019 AEG staff members were gathering at the awesome AEG Larkstone house multiple days each week, playing games and reviewing submissions in person. That is no longer happening.  

We have adapted. Now, for AEG, it’s Zoom Calls, Videos, and Tabletop Simulator. But the goal is the same – find great games. TTS has proven invaluable as we not only use it to see game submissions, but also to test our games in development. 


Our strategy is to publish fewer games and sell more copies of each.. If we publish your game, it is going to get a lot of promotion and attention in the marketplace. This will translate into sales and more royalties for you. This isn’t just corporate talk, in the last three years we have:

  • Increased the sales of most new games we have launched. 
  • Increased the number of games that get reprints 
  • We have had excellent success on Kickstarter.
  • Increased our international business ten fold.  

AEG’s success in these areas have led directly to increased royalties to our designers.