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Plaid Hat Games Announces The Cloaks Faction for Summoner Wars

The next faction coming out for Summoner Wars is very fashion-forward. They're the Cloaks and we get a look at their Summoner and an epic Event that's coming in their deck. Have yourselves a look. ... I want a coat like that...

From the preview:

Welcome back, Summoners!

Today we reintroduce the Summoner of the Cloaks faction, Vlox! The Cloaks are a band of cunning inventors and tactical bandits that carry their collective knowledge- and mechanical contraptions, into the fray! As their leader, Vlox is the master of all parts of the Cloaks’ wheelhouse. His ability allows him to borrow the talents of other allies in play, making space for some clever on-the-fly improvisation and problem solving!

Vlox’s epic event, Out of Shadows, is the pinnacle of coordinated efforts among Cloaks fighters, allowing for some truly dangerous battlefield manipulation and focus fire on units that otherwise appeared protected!

 Tomorrow, we continue Summoner Wars previews as we share the Cloak’s backbone of the guild. See you then!