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Plaid Hat Games Posts July Update

We're halfway through July. Seems like a good time for a July update from Plaid Hat Games. Much of it focuses around the upcoming Gen Con and the events and goodies they'll have in Indy for the show.

From the article:

Gen Con 2022 is almost here! You’ll find Plaid Hat Games at Booth #1217 this year where we’ll be running demos of our new deck-building adventure game Familiar Tales, the chaotic programming game Quirky Circuits, and our award-winning card games Summoner Wars and Ashes Reborn.

Make sure to stop by our booth to pick up a chonky Chalk pin! This sweet rock golem is sure to protect all your other pins against evil foes, and look super adorable while doing it.

And don’t miss out on a photo opportunity with all your favorite familiars! You no longer have to fantasize about being a magical princess, now you can be one! Relive your babyhood as royalty.