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Plaid Hat Games Posts New Skyspear Avians Preview

Plaid Hat has their daily previews rolling in as they continue to show off the new Skyspear Avians faction for Summoner Wars. It's another two cards today with the Aerie Steward and the Aerie Sage.

From the article:

Welcome back summoners! The Avians are back with a pair of devout commons!

The Aerie Steward takes full advantage of Ava’s formation bonuses, gaining extra attack potency when staying adjacent to Ava. This is made especially more dangerous when paired with the next Avian common- the Sage!

The Aerie Sage joins the flying formations set by Ava, granting strength bonuses to adjacent Aerie allies. Use the power of flight to send in more forces over the top of your supporting Sages to keep the pressure on!

 Tomorrow, we continue our daily Summoner Wars previews by showing off the melee commons of the Avians. See you there!