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Plaid Hat Games Posts Queen of Lightning Preview #3 for Ashes Reborn

They say that things come in threes, and that's the case with previews for the upcoming Queen of Lightning deck for Ashes Reborn. It's Preview #3, which gives us a look at not 3, but 4 cards from the upcoming deck. Get your last look at this set of cards before it hits tabletops later.

From the preview:

Welcome back, Ashes players! Today we check out the last of Dimona’s reinforcements, but they are certainly a force to be reckoned with!

Dimona’s sole summoned conjuration is none other than the Cloudburst Gryphon. This dual-cost conjuration boasts a relentlessly aggressive statline and offensive ability in Quick Strike. Make no mistake; if your Gryphon has the chance to attack, it's gonna hurt! Foes must be prepared to clip their wings as soon as possible.

Another dual-cost unit for Dimona is the Crystal Archer. This unit excels in keeping a distance and controlling small swarms of units with its ability to fire off 1 damage before combat begins. This is a very potent timing window to be dealing damage, and must be accounted for. Her key weakness is being attacked directly in which there is no space to nock an arrow, but in every other situation, the Crystal Archer excels!

You may play this spell after an opponent declares blockers. Choose an attacking ally you control that is blocked. It is no longer attacking. Place 1 exhaustion token on the target unit that was blocking the chosen ally. 

The last trick in Dimona’s arsenal is the reaction spell, Disengage. This spell can be used to feint an attack and fool your opponent into exhausting one of their blockers. For such a relentlessly aggressive Phoenixborn, a single exhaustion at the right time can be all the setback it takes for Dimona to push for the win!

 That’s all for The Queen of Lightning! Be sure to subscribe to the Team Covenant Ashes Reborn subscription to be the first to receive the next two Phoenixborn expansions when they release in 2022! Until then, see you on the battlefield!