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Plaid Hat Games Posts Skyspear Avians Preview #4

Another day, another Skyspear Avians preview for Summoner Wars from Plaid Hat Games. But today, we get a bonus. Instead of just 2 cards, we get a look at 3, all new events for the faction.

From the article:

Welcome back Summoners! The Skyspear Avians are here with an array of events to help change the course of battle!

Aerie Gates give increased summoning opportunities to the Avians, and even give them a head start in moving the same turn they are summoned!

Battle Song amplifies the power of your flying formations to gain a commanding lead in the fray, or to help deliver the final blow on the enemy summoner.

Sky Assault can let a line of Avian fighters bypass obstructions to catch the enemy off guard and deal damage from up in the sky!