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Plaid Hat Games Previews More Gorrenrock Survivors Cards for Ashes

The next deck for Ashes Reborn is coming soon. If you're wanting to know what cards will be in there so you can know what to expect when the deck hits the table, this is your chance to scope out 4 new ones. Have yourselves a look.

From the preview:

“My dear Elga, while I hope you are enjoying your stay here in Gorrenrock, I must decline to meet with you at this time. Please remember, you are a foreigner in this city and not in a position to impose yourself upon me. You are right to fear the coming storm. But I am told you amassed a small fortune in your morning years, so why not enjoy those comforts you have earned, and savor this twilight? Rest easy. In Gorrenrock, there are still strong shoulders to carry the many burdens of this world.”

                      - Lulu Firststone

Welcome back Ashes players! Things are heating up with the next round of previews for the Gorrenrock Survivors. Check out the final previews from Lulu’s deck!