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Plaid Hat Games Previews Round Structure in Hickory Dickory

And I don't mean "round structure" strictly in terms of a clock face, though that is also a round structure. I'm talking about how a turn plays out in games of Hickory Dickory. If you're curious how this worker placement game works out, get a look at it in this preview.

From the article:

Hello, and welcome back for another Hickory Dickory preview! This week we will be discussing Hickory Dickory’s unique and fluid round structure.

Tick Talk

Hickory Dickory isn’t like other games. We know it might sound cuckoo but in this game, players don’t actually take turns. The hands move around the clock, and each time the minute hand points to one of the twelve numbered spaces, any mice that are on the minute hand or on the space associated with that number, can take a little mouse turn. This is called a tick of the clock, and once all mice at that tick have had their chance to activate, the minute hand moves to the next number on the clock and the process repeats.

 A mouse on the minute hand does not have to activate if their player chooses to wait and ride the hand to a number later in the round. A mouse at a number’s inner ring space when the minute hand arrives, can choose to hop on the minute hand instead of taking an action. This allows them to ride the hand to a number later in the round.