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Plaid Hat Posts New Artist of Dreams Preview for Ashes Reborn

Anyone else been having weird dreams lately? Last night, I had one involving me playing an acoustic bass guitar while playing Meshuggah - Bleed for people in my dorm room back in college. Dreams can certainly have an effect on our waking lives and the Artist of Dreams can use that to their advantage. We get another look at their upcoming deck with a trio of cards they'll have available in their Ashes Reborn pack.

From the preview:

Welcome back, Ashes players! Today we dive into the ways Hope can control the flow of battle through new combinations of resource control!

This sinister ally brings a potent repeatable ability to the battlefield. Restrict your opponents dice and action economy each turn by repeatedly knocking down their power dice! Watch as your opponents struggle to coordinate their reaction spells and dice powers until they find a way to take care of your Dreamlock Mage!

If Dreamlock Mage wasn’t enough dice control for you, consider adding in Dream Fracture to your spellboard. This spell is a perfect main action complement to Dreamlock Mage, giving you a double spindown threat in a single turn, and can even send in some extra burn damage as your opponent struggles to keep their dice powered up!

Keepsake is another trick in the toolbox for illusion magic, helping to convert all those instances of dice control into battlefield control as well! Charging up this spell can take some effort, but Hope has plenty of options for doing so. Once this spell is maxed out to 4, your opponents will struggle to deploy any large threat onto the battlefield, lest they face the wrath of Keepsake!

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