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Plaid Hat Posts New Cloaks Preview for Summoner Wars

Welcome back to another preview of the upcoming Cloaks faction for Summoner Wars. This time around, yes, everyone is wearing a cloak, as they should. Let's get a look at two more units available to the faction.

From the article:

Welcome back summoners! The Cloaks are back, and this time to show off their handiwork in mechanical weaponry.

The Guild Gunner provides essential covering fire for other nearby fighters, giving them the space they need to either dive deeper into enemy territory, or dive behind a structure to prevent counterattacking their sneak attack!

The Guild Sniper’s power comes not from mobility, but rather in power of positioning. A well placed Sniper can bypass the enemy’s defensive formations, as well as fire over the shoulders of covering friendly units!

 Tomorrow, we continue our daily Summoner Wars previews with some fantastic gadgets from the inventors of the Cloaks!