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Plaid Hat Posts New Queen of Lightning Preview for Ashes Reborn

Plaid Hat Games is giving us a look at 3 more cards coming in the Queen of Lightning deck coming soon for Ashes Reborn. See what sort of resources the deck will have at its disposal with a pair of spells and a new character.

From the preview:

Welcome back, Ashes players! Today we check out the ways Dimona can enhance her units and dismantle her foe’s formations!

This ready spell represents Dimona’s access to her barracks in times of battle. Reinforce can dig a whopping 5 cards into your deck to help you find just the right ally or alteration spell for the job, and even circumvents the action cost needed to play it! For a strategy all about attacking with allies and having them survive to promote to Empyrean Mounts, Reinforce offers plenty to the cause.

One of the cards you may want to find with Reinforce is Crystal Armor. This hybrid cost spell can be used to quickly buff a unit before it attacks, but can also be a devastating punish to opponent who choose to attack one of your units and expect to get the kill. At reaction speed, Crystal Armor completely deconstructs the combat math of your opponent, setting you up for a ruthless counter swing the following turn!

When your opponent is going toe-to-toe with you on summoning units and enhancing them with alterations, Adept Duelist can slip right in to pick apart their formations. Both the Stalk and Disarm abilities give you plenty of control over how to do this, and can even attack right from hand with its side action play cost!